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As an important driving force leading the innovation of digital economy, 5G technology is building a global IT infrastructure in the new era together with artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud service and Big Data with its high throughput, low latency, high concurrency, low power consumption and other high-quality features. The Internet of everything extended by 5G will help improve the efficiency of the whole society and promote the large-scale rise and prosperity of Internet of things, artificial intelligence, edge computing, AR, VR, ultra-high-definition video streaming and other applications.

As the basic public chain facing the era of 5G digital economy, x-bbc aims to use block chain technology to realize the business chain of complex application scenarios and boost the industrial development in 5G digital era. After the launch of the main network, x-bbc will be widely used in the Internet of things, medical treatment, artificial intelligence, new retail, social networking, VR/AR, intelligent security, Internet of vehicles, smart city, intelligent manufacturing, unmanned aerial vehicle, SDWAN+NAS, edge computing module and other application fields in 5G environment.

Development trend of 5G industry 5G

5G, the 5th Generation MobileNetwork, is a new Generation wireless communication network standard. Compared with 4G, 5G has made a qualitative leap in mobile broadband, time-delay reliability, mass connection and other aspects, as shown in the following aspects:

  1. It can support tens of thousands of users with data transmission rate of 10Gbps
  2. Capable of transmitting data at a rate of 1Gbps, colleagues provide many people working in the same building
  3. It can support hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections to support the deployment of large-scale sensor networks
  4. Spectrum efficiency is significantly improved compared with 4G
  5. Coverage is better than 4G
  6. Signaling efficiency is enhanced
  7. The latency is significantly lower than LTE

X-bbc project overview Overview

5G creates an application scenario for the Internet of everything, which mainly includes three aspects: ecology, customers and business model. It delivers a consistent service experience, creates value for customers and partners through existing and new use cases, and sustainable business models. The birth of x-bbc will further change our lives and society.


  • Under the premise of abiding by laws and regulations and company rules and regulations, the company gives investors the greatest freedom and allows shareholders and users to invest freely, enjoy investment and invest happily.

  • Fair and equal. The company practices the law of justice, so that shareholders pay in direct proportion to the harvest, so that investors can get a return for every point paid.

Good Faith

  • We believe that integrity is the basis of development and the unification of moral standards and codes of conduct. We will be faithful to our customers, trustworthy to our users and trustworthy to our team. We will match our words with deeds, abide by our commitments and strictly implement rules and regulations.


  • Take the initiative to fulfill responsibility, have the courage to take responsibility and do my duty. Responsibility is the fundamental mission of the company's development. We take being responsible to the society and users as the daily code of conduct to conscientiously fulfill our due responsibilities and obligations, so as to realize the common development of enterprises and investors and the common progress of enterprises and users.

X-BBC AdvantageAdvantage


Relying on the Permissioned Blockchain Model and distributed consensus system, x-bbc can greatly reduce the risk of user information leakage. X-bbc has considered the security issues such as overflow attack and underflow attack in the design, and has done multiple security processing mechanism, so x-bbc is completely immune to such attacks.


The decentralization based on block chain technology prevents the forging and tampering of data. The stored data on x-bbc has the characteristics of traceability and non-tampering, and the whole process traceability can be realized under authorization.

Professional data analysis

Using big data technology to establish personal life database, real-time monitoring, collection and storage of data with huge amount, scattered sources and diverse styles. Through the big data analysis technology, the high performance fine analysis of personal data can improve the decision-making ability of service providers and further bring new profitable business models to the service industry.

Data assets

Based on cutting-edge technologies such as big data, blockchain and cloud computing, x-bbc can transform data into assets and fully reflect the value of data. User behavior will be seamlessly integrated into the blockchain, becoming a digital asset in the chain, and users can gain revenue through active authorization and sharing.


X-bbc can realize the openness and transparency of information and promote the rational use of resources, providing a real-time, direct and intelligent public governance platform and a real and secure big data platform for the government and public sectors.

Fast transaction

X - the BBC set directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure (PBFT - DPoS consensus mechanism) and super Node and Edge Node (Edge Node) stratified consensus mechanism, changed the traditional block chain chain structure of technical bottlenecks and defects, solve the problem of the application of high concurrency and high volume, fast complete block trading agreement, reduce the fee and traffic cost.

Anti-attack and data security

Antiquantum total encryption algorithm:
1.Speed is fast;
2.High safety;
3.Protect personal information security。

X-BBC Application scenarios Application

In the 4G era, data is usually accessed at the access layer, aggregation layer and core layer, and business data is processed centrally in the core network. This centralization working mode is difficult to meet the requirements of 5G application scenarios for low delay, large bandwidth and multiple connections. In the era of 5G, according to different business scenarios, services will be distributed at different nodes. Improve efficiency and reliability in a decentralized manner. With the rise of distributed AI, 5G edge network platform will carry more computing power and data traffic.

  • Video streaming scenario
  • The Internet of cars and drones
  • An x-bbc architecture that supports full dimensional computing
  • X-bbc digital wallet app

TeamX-BBC Team

The core operation team of x-bbc has rich experience in block chain senior technical personnel, the world's top professional lawyers, professional investment and financial analysts, management talents, business consultants with a large number of top experts and consultants in the industry. X - the BBC can call ⼀ an all-star team, members are to ⾃ since TENX, nokia, softbank, LINE, Barclays Capital (Barclays) elite!
X - the BBC technical team from the United States communications industry and block chain company, more than 20 technical higher-ups existing members, mainly be responsible for the chain block application technology research and development, system development, system security, vulnerability to upgrade, the patent technology development () developed the world's most advanced Internet technology, great concentration block chain study on application scenario. The core technology members are mainly from world-class Internet companies such as amazon, facebook and Google.

Team sponsor

Paul WALTHER I am the initiator and CEO of x-bbc project, responsible for product and business work. Good communication and expression skills, adaptability and problem solving ability. Familiar with project structure, responsible for market development, project coordination, operation and management of x-bbc project. Responsible for formulating, implementing and improving the management rules, regulations and operational procedures. Coordinate and establish relationship with related departments to ensure good external environment.

Marketing director

Carl REVILLIOD was responsible for the brand positioning, packaging, design, planning and marketing of the whole x-bbc project and communication products in the x-bbc project. He adjusted the plan in time and continued to improve the user experience based on user feedback. To organize technological research and development and foreign cooperation in the field of global payment. I have rich research experience in global payment and research method system in related fields. I am familiar with the use of relevant research tools. I have strong logical thinking ability, writing ability and expression ability.

Kalle Olumets

Kalle Olumets was the CFO in the x-bbc program. An American. At least 6 years financial planning and analysis related working experience in medium or above enterprises, 4 years financial management experience in financial industry. Have financing experience in listed companies, familiar with accounting standards, taxation, auditing and other relevant laws and regulations, as well as corporate financial system and process.

Howard Sands

Howard Sands is responsible for the development of blockchain related technologies for the x-bbc project. Complete the daily development work of x-bbc project and solve the technical problems in the development; Responsible for the development of technologies based on blockchain, including point-to-point network design, encryption technology application, implementation of distributed algorithm, data storage technology and other technologies; Responsible for design proposal formulation, and related validation test proposal formulation and review. I have rich experience in the development of Internet communication industry, and have rich experience in big data collection, analysis and mining. Responsible for the daily management and technical maintenance and update of the whole technical team.


Julien CLARET was responsible for the development of the mall system in the x-bbc project. According to the product requirements and system requirements, he designed the framework and organized the code writing. Participate in the discussion of mall product process and product optimization strategy; Responsible for product development, construction, daily maintenance and update of the mall. Proficient in SQL Server and other database technologies, skilled in using stored procedures, transactions, indexes, views, full-text retrieval, query optimization and other technologies.

X-BBC Roadmap roadmap


X-BBC Project start


X-BBC Project whitepaper 1.0 release


Complete the platform basic function development and minimum integration verification


Community building


On-line exchange


X-BBC The first phase of the DEMO


X-BBC The first public test




#X-BBC# #4855# After completion, you can see logo in imToken, which makes it easier to manage X-BBC, and at the same time, you can see more token information.


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